Bengals of Serengeti

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International Pedigress & Australian Champion Show Cats.

Bengals of Serengeti

Serenkatz Bengal cat breed quality clear markings, loving temperaments, while maintaining the wild looks of their ancestors. We started with Pedigrees from Jean Mill-Sudgen– who established the Bengals Cat.

Bengal Cats
Bengals of Serengeti

Family Owned And Operated Professional Breeders

We breed only the best quality pets/ show cats/ breeding cats.

Enquire now about putting your name on our waiting list to own your very own Bengal kitten. Read More on the history of Bengal cats.

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Characteristics of the Breed

  • Leopard cat ancestry
  • Indoor cats
  • A very healthy breed
  • Athletic, sturdy, playful, and highly intelligent.
  • Have affinity with water 
  • Adventurous
  • Doglike – some Bengals love playing fetch

Rules & Requirements

Temperament Evaluation

All kittens are hand raised excellent temperaments and are evaluated for a pet or breeder kitten / prices vary depending on quality .

Vaccinations Schedule

All kittens are vaccinated at 8 weeks and are microchipped/ wormed and vet checked.